Congratulations! If you are reading this article, then we suppose, you are the owner of your personal indoor grow kit and you want to learn more how to maximize your yield. Let’s start your education. First of all, the biggest issue that needs to be considered when planning an indoor grow space is climate control.

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What kind of plants did you buy in your grow kit? The answer is anything you like! If they are truly what we refer to as indoor foliage plants, or houseplants, do not to put them into the direct sunlight. Know that some plants evolved to grow in shade. This is why they will grow and thrive in our homes and workplaces.  Keep requirements of climate control in mind when choosing the optimal location.

You need to create an environment similar to the original for your grow kits. Different plants call for different environments but yes indoor grows need at minimum lights to simulate sun, fans for air flow and depending on your climate dehumidifier.

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After Climate Control solution, you should also consider the following reequipments:


You need to find a suitable place for your plants from your home grow kit. It can be terrace, balcony, window, grow tent, kitchen, any room in the house that has a natural sunlight. Do you have a window or balcony where the plant can get actual, direct, warm sunlight for more than 8 hours a day?


Most plants need some sunlight or artificial lamps to get 12 to 16 hours of light per day. One source of confusion is the terms sun and light. Plants need light to grow, but not necessarily sunlight – that’s why plants can grow in basements lit only by electricity. Plants adapt to light levels by actually changing the cells of the leaves. You would never place any kind of plant in the direct sunlight


Water is a tricky thing. Too little or too much and you will kill your plants.  Plants die from overwatering than from anything else. You need to use room-temperature water. If you are not sure about watering, you can try spraying your plants under the leaves. Excess water makes a plant vulnerable to disease, mold and pests.

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Most houseplants like 50% humidity. You need to check the recommendations for the particular plants. Plants thrive on the increased light level and air circulation. You can use hydroponic grow kit.


You need to careful with fertilizers because some plants are sensitive, and you can burn them. Don’t fertilize too much – indoor foliage plants in high light should be fertilized no more than 4 times a year; in low light they need fertilizing only once a year; and some varieties – they don’t need any at all.

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It is a nightmare to see small bugs eating your plants. You can use a holistic method: put a clove of garlic into the plant’s soil or use a solution of flour, buttermilk, and water to apply to the soil and plants. Your houseplants may bring bugs from outside when brought inside your house because they no longer have outdoor predators.

Let us know if you need more help with growing.

Happy Growing!

It is the place with the sunlight. I guess it can be a terrace or balcony. If you use artificial light, then you can grow anywhere.

Read more tips on climate control to understand that in theory all plants can be grown indoors if you can create the right environment.

The best time is spring. If you start growing in spring, you coincide with Mother Nature, but you can try anytime and any season.