Geeky Gardener About

Hi, I’m Olinda Rankin. I love detail. I like an intellectual challenge. I garden.

 I’ve always been passionate about horticulture since I grew up on a farm in Iowa. Gardening has great potential and must be modernized. In AeroGarden, I found a way to apply my skills.


My path in biology started in 2007. It was then when I got my Ph.D. in biology in my alma mater, Cornell University. I worked as an assistant biologist in California in a small indoor gardening company. 5 years after, I decided to do something closer to the soul and applied for a soil scientist job.

That’s when I found out about all the negative and positive sides of soil and came up with an idea to grow plants on water. This concept was successfully adopted into AeroGarden models together with the dedicated team of AeroGarden.

I spend a lot of time asking why things happen. I ask “says who?” a lot. I read obscure horticulture journals, texts about the history of gardening and the small print on the back of packet seeds.

Science, philosophy, sociology, art and just about every other discipline has had its say about gardens, what we grow there and what they mean to us.

Time for a bookish gardener to start making sense of it all.

I’d love you to join me in a celebration of geekiness, one day at a time.