Frequently Asked Questions

An AeroGarden is an atomic indoor gardening system that allows growing from 3 to 24 plants at a time. It consists of a water reservoir, pods for plants and adjustable LED lights.

You need to add water and fertilizer in a water reservoir. Then, you plant seeds in pods and cover them with grow lids. After that, you turn the system on and switch the lighting. To monitor the growing process, install a special app and use Wi-Fi to access it.

Once your plants have harvested, take off the pods. Then, empty a water reservoir and fill it with clean water. Add 1/4 cup of chlorine bleach and use the pump to circulate the bleach for 5 minutes. Empty the reservoir and rinse it until it’s clean. Air dry your AeroGarden for 48 hours before the next planting.

A garden can last for years, depending on how often and well you clean it.

You can purchase an AeroGarden from the official website or other authorized resellers like Amazon.

Starting from the third week of growing, trim off the top 1-2 inches. You can do this 2-3 times a week since then. Leave 70% of the plant in the pod to let it grow further. This way your lettuce will give bigger yields.

As long as tomatoes grow on big and wide bushes, it is recommended by AeroGarden to grow up to 2 tomatoes plants in a 6-pod garden, i.e. 1 plant for 3 slots. The bigger the garden, the mote tomato plants you can grow.

First of all, don’t cut the stem, otherwise, the dill won’t give more fronds. You can cut the plant either when it meets the stem or the Pod label. To find out more, watch the official AeroGarden video.

AeroGarden seed pods last for about 6 months.

Hold the ‘Reset’ button for 6-7 seconds before you plant new seeds.