You can grow your plants both outdoors and indoors in special garden beds or boxes. You can purchase the item you need from or other reputable online or brick-and-mortar household shops, or make it on your own.

Garden beds come in many sizes and shapes and it’s up to you to choose one depending on your space and needs. You can opt for either long or short boxes, affixed to the wall, set on the floor, or raised on legs. You may want to place it on the windowsill or any vacant surface where there is enough sunlight. Or you may just buy extra artificial grow lights.

Garden beds have many advantages in use you need to consider. Think about water, soil, and fertilization, and your plants will grow perfectly well in the confined spaces of your urban environment, on the balconies, patios, verandahs, and terraces, or just on the countertops and windowsills.

Here, we have compiled some best products from you may want to acquire for your home gardening.

EMSCO Easy Picker Raised Bed Grow Box – With 30" Stand, 4 Casters, and Supply Storage Grate – Self-Watering

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; CONVENIENT MOBILE PLANTER – The Easy Picker is the ultimate raised bed gardening system. The unit is mobile and features four swivel casters for easy transport and sun tracking that works great in areas with limited space.; SELF-WATERING AND...

Meet the conveniently raised bed gardening planter which works perfectly for homeowners with limited spaces. It is equipped with four swivel casters so you can move it easily from place to place for more light and convenience. The system is self-watering and works automatically. It has a 2-gallon water reservoir and the needed moisture is wicked from there. It prevents overwatering with its water overflow holes. Plants grow on an aeration screen that supplies oxygen to their roots enhancing growth.

The garden bed is easy to use for beginners to grow plants and vegetables in very small spaces, for example, on rooftops, verandahs, and fire escapes. The item provides a self-contained soil system that prevents pests and diseases. The 30-inch height allows for taking care of plants while standing so it can be used by elderly people and those who use wheelchairs. The product is made of BPA-free polyethylene plastic which does not emit chemicals or toxins and is safe for health.

The plastic raised garden bed is also equipped with a storage grid below to keep all the gardening tools and supplies conveniently.

  • The garden bed can be set up in only minutes.
  • It is incredibly convenient to use and maintain.
  • The system is great for any plants from greens to root vegetables.
  • Clear and consistent instructions are provided.
  • The height is perfect for easy care.
  • The plastic is not sturdy and durable enough so it cannot withstand big loads.
  • The item can leak in multiple places.

Reliancer Set of 4 Raised Garden Beds w/Brackets Elevated Garden Bed Kit Patio Flower Plant Planter Box Vegetables Planting Container Fence Indoor Outdoor for Porches Decks Balconies Yard Gardening

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Package includes: 4x Complete Elevated Bed Elevated bed is a easy way to raised bed gardening,it allows you to garden in comfort alleviating the need to bend or stoop,perfect for elderly gardeners! Elevated bed also provides insulation to your soil.Keeps soil warmer in the Spring and Fall,and...

This set of 4 plastic raised garden beds from Reliancer allows for both indoor and outdoor gardening. It is ideal for patios, balconies, rooftops, backyards, and other confined environments. The planters are made of UV-protected polyethylene plastic with high density imitating the rattan pattern. It is completely safe for growing vegetables and herbs for food and a healthy lifestyle. Each planter is very easy to assemble and disassemble.

The planters represent an efficient self-watering system with a special disk and drainage holes. The extra space is provided for excess water so the roots can aerate and avoid rotting or over-drying. The drainage holes are located on the sides of the planters. Two water plugs are helping to regulate the excess water running off manually and two water plugs for the loss of water prevention.

You can combine the beds in the way you would prefer making one layer of 2 or 4 of them or two layers for deep-rooted plants. The height of each planter is 14.2 inches so it is very convenient to be used by elderly people who need to reduce the overload for their knees and back. It is also helpful for protection against pests and infections coming from the ground when located outdoors.

  • The product is easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Having drainage decks is wonderful.
  • It is cheaper than other kinds of planter boxes.
  • Fruits, veggies, and herbs grow perfectly in these beds.
  • The look is great.
  • The legs are not very sturdy and moving the thing is rather difficult.
  • The bed could be a bit deeper.

STANDSHELF&FL Plant Stand Rectangular Raised Garden Bed Indoor Outdoor Floiner Pots Holder 2-Animal Metal Storage Shelf Rack in Tray Garden and Home-Dark Green

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Ideally Suited To Small Indoor Or Outdoor Spaces, This Stylish Raised Planter Stand Is An Ideal Accent Furniture Solution To Bring Color And Visual Appeal To Outdoor Decks, Patios And Balconies, Conservatories, Sunrooms Or hallways. The Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Frame Will Give Any Room A...

This rectangular metal raised garden bed for indoor and outdoor use is developed for small spaces. It can become an ideal solution for outdoor decks, balconies, hallways, patios, and sunrooms fitting perfectly the design and bringing its appealing green color to the complete match with other furniture.

The planter is made of powder-coated steel for better wear and durability. It is rust-resistant and sturdy. Its 28.5-inch height allows for avoiding back pain and the need for bending any time you want to take care of your plants.

The bed is very easy to assemble and maintain. It has two layers that are put together and display the top planter box and a lower shelf for any gardening equipment or small potted plants.

  • The planter is very convenient because it occupies only a small area.
  • The bed is weather-resistant and durable.
  • The installation and moving are very easy because the item is very compact.
  • The garden bed looks great with its dark-green color and ergonomic design.
  • The two layers are very useful and serve perfectly for the product.
  • The bed could be a bit deeper and wider for bigger plants.
  • The price could be a little lower for such a simple design.

Raised Moveable Garden Plant Rack Bed on Wheels, Portable Flower Plant Growing Bed Stand Solid Iron, 90 x 47 x 96cm Pot Plant Vegetables Herbs Elevated Stand Bed with Open Shelf

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 【Practical Convenient Plant Bed Rack】This is a pretty practical convenient Moveable Garden Plant Rack Bed, unlike other plant bed, this one comes with 2 wheels for convenient move and transport, you can easily move it outside when it is sunny or...

This movable garden bed with two wheels for convenience is made of high-quality iron and painted blue. The frame is quite sturdy with a high loading capacity. The material is rust and corruption-resistant and very durable. The height of the item is 96 cm and it consists of two parts – a growing platform and a lower shelf for tools, seeds, and fertilizers.

You can use this metal raised garden bed both outdoors and indoors or just move it outside for more sunlight and inside when the weather is getting worse. The bed can be used for potted flowers and plants as well as for growing herbs, salad greens, and vegetables. The space of the planter is enough for growing different kinds of plants and vegetables at the same time.

  • The planter is portable and movable.
  • It is convenient for use by elderly people and those who have problems with the knees and back.
  • The garden bed looks pretty and very natural in any outdoor and indoor environment.
  • The planter has a spacious shelf to keep all the gardening tools at hand.
  • The material is quite solid, sturdy, and durable.
  • The price could be a bit lower for such a kind of planter.
  • The item could go in some different colors to match any interior and exterior design.

Keter Easy Grow 31.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed with Self Watering Planter Box and Drainage Plug, Brown

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Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; DIMENSIONS: 44. 9 in. W x 19. 4 in. D x 29. 8 in. H; WATER GAUGE: Easy to read water gauge indicates when plants need additional moisture; EASY DRAINAGE: Simple drainage system that can be opened or closed for full control of watering; WATER...

This is a great versatile garden bed for both indoor and outdoor use all year round. It is easy to assemble according to clear instructions. The planter is perfect for urban spaces and can be used as an indoor vegetable garden, patio or balcony planter, or outdoor herb garden.

The appliance is made of polypropylene resin and designed in a rattan pattern which matches perfectly any patio furniture design. The garden bed is very durable and can be used for many seasons.

The total capacity of the planter is 31.7 gallons so many different kinds of houseplants, vegetables, flowers, and herbs can be grown simultaneously. Elderly gardeners can use the planter easily because its ergonomic design does not require any bending.

The plastic raised garden bed is equipped with a full watering system that consists of a reservoir and a water gauge. The reservoir helps prevent root rotting and overwatering while you can always see when to water the plants owing to the gauge that changes colors: it goes red when there is a need for draining or green when you have to water the plants. You can remove the excess water by hand with the help of a drainage tap.

  • The planter helps avoid back and joint strain.
  • The item is very compact and it saves space.
  • Watering is very easy.
  • It looks much nicer than many small pots placed together.
  • You can always release the extra water with a tap and use it for other plants.
  • You may experience some difficulties with the assembly, namely, with screws and support beams.
  • The package is not reliable so the item can be delivered broken.

Buyer’s Guide: What Factors to Consider Shopping for a Raised Garden Bed

With a lot of raised garden bed options on the market, you can get lost and hesitate to choose the right bed for your plants and conditions. Here are some important factors to take into account when choosing a garden bed considerately.


Mobility is a great advantage of garden beds used indoors or outdoors. That is why many kits go with wheels. If your environment requires moving plants from one place to another or your conditions allow for it, choose the self-contained beds with wheels that can be moved easily.


Be careful about the type of a raised bed you need. Some planters are just open-bottomed frames that are meant for holding the soil in your outdoor space. They go without a bottom so they cannot be used indoors. Opt for a self-contained indoor garden bed with a bottom and high walls to avoid a mess when you locate your garden on the balcony, patio, verandah, or some other enclosed space.


Materials used for a raised garden bed matter very much for its longevity. Wood-based gardening systems may get rotten and fall apart very quickly. If you do prefer wooden beds, check whether they are made of rot-resistant wood (e.g. cedar) but not treated with harmful chemicals. If you want your gardening system to last for many years, opt for plastic or metal items. However, plastic raised garden beds should be UV-resistant. If not, plastic will brittle while exposed to sun rays. Metal items should be rust-resistant because they often contact with moisture.


A variety of raised beds differ in height which may start from 6 inches. Consider what kind of plants you are going to grow. The more depth you acquire, the better your plant roots will feel. More soil also means more moisture so deeper beds will not require frequent watering. However, keep in mind that deeper planters need more soil so they are heavier and not so easy to move.

Number of Planters

If you do not have much space and time for gardening, start with just one garden bed. It will allow you to grow the herbs and veggies you need most of all. If you are going to grow lots of fresh vegetables for your dinner table and your space is not so restricted, you may acquire at least three or four planters to satisfy all your needs.

The factors of drainage holes, shape, brand, and price of a raised bed also matter, so do not forget about them when making your choice.

If there is no special drainage system in the planter, you need to arrange it lest the roots of your plants should get rotted. Crushed stone or gravel will do well on the bottom of the bed to allow the excess water to drain.

There is no definite answer. It is up to you. You can build your garden bed according to your preferences and customize its size and design to your conditions. It can also be cheaper. Though, there are kits on the market that have some specific useful features, such as watering systems, so you will need less time and effort for taking care of your plants.

Compost is made of raw organic leftovers with air and water. You cannot plant anything in the compost only. However, it can make up about 30-50% of your garden bed soil. You can make a mix of the soil and compost yourself or just buy a ready-made mixture.

You cannot take the soil from the yard to use in the pot or raised bed. It is too dense and heavy. You cannot use the potting mix, either, because it is fluffy and lightweight. The best way is to mix the yard soil with potting soil to get the alternative that will work perfectly well for raised beds.

No matter whether you use your raised garden bed indoors or outdoors, your plants need good drainage to stay healthy. If the water is constantly pooling at the bottom of the bed, it can cause the appearance of root rot, fungus, and bacteria. So, if the holes are not made in your container, you will need to drill them on your own.


In short, raised garden beds have a lot of benefits as you can see. If you are short of space for gardening either indoors or outdoors, choose a garden box to grow greens and vegetables you would like to have on your table. You can do it either seasonally or all year round.

Choose the right indoor garden bed and you will be able to grow houseplants and flowers as well. Your item should be versatile and movable, though, so that you could use it both outdoors and indoors depending on the conditions. It should also be durable and sturdy to last for many seasons.

You can purchase such a garden bed in your local household or gardening store or order it on, or some other reliable website.

Raised gardening is a great thing to try, so do not hesitate to opt for it if you are an urban resident or a person who is keen on gardening in any environment.