Dear Geeky, On hot days, I like to garden in the nude. It’s my way of connecting with nature without feeling so, how do I put it, mumsy.

But my next door neighbour is a man in his 80s with a low fence and a heart condition. I’m worried that my exposure will give him a coronary? What do I do? Cover up or strip off?

Geeky says, Technically speaking, it’s your backyard so it’s your right to weed and dig in a cloth sack, the nude or anything in between. But do you want your neighbour’s coronary on your conscience? No.

So, I advise you to take a first-aid course to learn to revive your neighbour just in case your exposure tips him over the edge. Then, you’re free to wear as little as you like, as close to the fence as you like, without worrying. That’s what I call community gardening.